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About Us

About Us

Humans of Jandk  Launched in 2016, Humans Of Jandk is one of Best Website In  Jammu and Kashmir. This Is the Kashmiri website Based On The Current News, Affairs, Online Jobs, Sports and World News. For the first time in the Valley and become most credible and authentic voice of the people and From Outside World.

Humans of JandK has embarked upon itself to provide quality news,Sports,online Jobs  independently, with accuracy, impartiality, and fairness. It’s run by a team of highly professional and well-trained Web Developers, most of whom are graduates from University of Kashmir .

Humans Of Jandk provides its readers not only the best reportage as it happens, but digs deep and gives the hidden side of the issues as well. Be it political reportage, business or sports, This Website  has been able to move beyond the traditional and outdated style of Working in the  Kashmir Valley. Having distinction of providing news as it happens without views and editorial biases, This Website also provides opinions and commentaries in its edit-oped pages by prominent writers of the Kashmir  Valley.

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