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Father Of Murdered Pizza Delivery Driver Forgives Killer, Brings Court To Tears

Detectives state Trey Relford functioned with a member to invent a strategy to rob a pizza delivery driver that later wound up dead.

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Until Friday, authorities hadn’t discussed the fourth largest partner.

Relford is charged with robbery, murder and tampering with evidence in the passing of 22-year-old pizza delivery driver, Salahuddin Jitmoud. Others — Cameron McClellan and Antonio Lewis — are equally charged with murder and vandalism.

When requested the identity of this fourth individual, detectives simply said they’re still an “partner” of both Relford’s.

On Friday, Detective Bill Brislin stated Relford created a strategy to rob Jitmoud, which contained placing this purchase. Jitmoud was stabbed to death in an apartment on Trent Circle back in April.

Detectives stated Relford and another individual who wasn’t identified put an order into the Saron Drive Pizza Hut, that attracted Jitmoud into the Trent Circle flat on April 19 2015.

Detectives state while Relford did supply investigators with a few information, he says that he didn’t kill Jitmoud.

“He stated he remained in the automobile during the prosecution and he stated he watched the next participant trace Mr. Jitmoud up into the breezeway and saw him reunite afterward with all the pizza purse, the knife, along with his damn clothes,” Detective Bill Brislin said.

From there, authorities state Relford fell off the next man and then drove into the Woodhill Thornton’s where he even eliminate any signs. Police state Relford subsequently caught on to New Circle Road at which he pulled out more proof in his window.

Father Of Murdered Pizza Delivery Driver Forgives Killer

An emotional courtroom as the victim’s father took the stand his impact statement offering a lesson in forgiveness years for his role in the killing of salahuddin jitmoud (Pizza Delivery boy) officials say relford came up with a plan to rob the pizza delivery driver jitmoud was stabbed to death at an apartment on trent circle in April of  the judge also overcome with emotion called for a recess dr. JIT mood did ask relford to tell him
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who killed his son a moment that brought judge Kimbonel to tears think he’s maybe you can turn to take a break ThankYou Ralph ERDs mother said she had sent her son to Lexington to get away from violence in Atlanta she said the forgiveness of JIT moots family had been a blessing she said her family had tried to get tre off of drugs but were unsuccessful he told the JIT moots he was sorry for what had happened I’m sorry there was only uncontrollable sobbing as  Alfred and gent moots father embraced one another proving that sometimes kindness  does prevail.

Relford’s bond was been set at $750,000.

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